Police focus on speeding

POLICE in the Morpeth sector are putting a new focus on speeding.

Operation Goddard will see extra resources to complement the work already being done to target speeding motorists in response to concerns raised at public meetings, as well as comments by councillors.

Officers will be deployed in several villages and will be using the Speed Ace device to identify and prosecute speeding drivers.

Morpeth Neighbourhood Sergeant Dave Simpson said: “We have allocated extra officers to deal with this issue and they will be out in the rural villages identifying and prosecuting those motorists who have no respect for the speed limits on our road or the consequences of driving above the speed limit.

Throughout the next month, officers will be on patrol in Acklington, Longhorsley, Hebron, Stobswood, Widdrington Station, Ulgham, Red Row, West Thirston and Broomhill.