Police get tough on yobs

POLICE are cracking down on youths accused of making life a misery for Lynemouth residents.

In the last couple of months, there have been a number of reports of youths throwing objects at motorists, running in front of cars and making nuisance 999 calls from a phone box in the village.

Officers responded by carrying out extra patrols and visiting schools to discuss the issue.

Inquiries led to 20 young people being identified as responsible and they were spoken to in front of their parents.

Three of the youths were given Acceptable Behaviour Agreements to monitor their behaviour and another was dealt with by community resolution after he admitted throwing an empty container at a moving vehicle.

Police have also been running Operation Street Safe in Lynemouth during evenings and at weekends, which involves officers carrying out specific patrols looking for underage drinkers and children causing anti-social behaviour.

A number of youths have been spoken to and alcohol was seized.

Neighbourhood Beat Manager PC Dave Weston said: “Residents were growing concerned about youths drinking in the streets and causing disorder, especially on the roads in the area. Our worry was that they could have caused an accident or been hurt themselves and so we took action.

“Extra patrols were carried out in the problem areas, we talked with residents and found out who was responsible and then we spoke to them.

“We explained the problems and what harm they were doing to the community. We also took further action if it was needed.

“The action seems to have worked well with a noted drop in the number of reports of disorder in the area. We plan to keep up the patrols and ensure that Lynemouth remains a safe place to live.”