Police stop poachers in Northumberland

News from Northumbria Police
News from Northumbria Police

Two men were reported for poaching offences and had their equipment seized, as part of a police operation in Northumberland last night.

The pair were from Durham and action was taken during Operation Ghillie, which was held by officers in the Scots Gap area of Morpeth. A number of cars were stopped and checked during the operation.

Meanwhile, police have urged the public to be vigilant after suspected poachers were spotted in Warkworth and Harlow Hill. The group was in a black Renault Laguna, registration NU55 BWZ.

When it comes to reporting suspected poachers, police have said that information is key and they need as many details as possible.

Information includes the full description of the people, including a description of clothing, accents etc; make a note of the number of dogs and their breed – have they been freshly run, covered in mud, blood, burrs etc; vehicle registration numbers, make, model, colour etc; the direction of travel – this will help in the correct deployment of police resources; grid reference, GPS coordinates or local landmarks will also assist if vehicles are seen away from the road.

Police have also urged the public to try to recall anything that was said and write it down as soon as possible. A lot of investigations revolve around intent and motive for being on land, so what has been said to landowners/witnesses can assist in that process when people are interviewed. 

But police are also reminding people to be mindful about their own personal safety when reporting suspicious vehicles that may be involved in poaching incidents.