Police tackle road issues

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POLICE in Morpeth have been tackling two pressing issues this summer.

Speeding motorcycles are a particular concern on rural roads at this time of year, when there is an increase in farm traffic and tourists.

Morpeth Neighbourhood Policing Team conducted 25 speed checks in Scots Gap, Mitford Road, Green Lane, Hebron, Stannington, Longhirst, Togston, Cambo, Hepscott, Widdrington Station, Ulgham, Tranwell, Glororum and Longhorsley.

A total of 1,513 vehicles had their speed recorded and eight drivers were given warnings.

The team has also been working with HM Customs and Excise and VOSA to conduct checks on vehicles for illegal fuel, road traffic offences and stolen goods, as well as to gather intelligence.

Among the 25 that were stopped, seven prohibition notices were issued.

In response to complaints about anti-social behaviour, patrols were stepped up across the Morpeth sector during the six weeks holidays.

This helped to bring about a fall in youth anti-social behaviour by 15 percent during August in comparison to July. In addition, 24 letters were sent to parents informing them of their children’s involvements in such incidents.