Police target speeding drivers in roadside checks

SPEEDING motorists have been targeted by police in a series of roadside checks.

In Mile Road, Widdrington Station, 428 vehicles were examined by a speed gun and all but one were driving within the limit.

The speeding motorist was issued with a fixed penalty notice and will have points added to their licence.

Police checked 81 vehicles on the B1337 in Longhirst and issued one motorist with a warning due to the manner of their driving.

A total of 143 vehicles had their speed checked on the B1330 in Broomhill and one driver was issued with a warning for slightly exceeding the speed limit.

Checks were also carried out in Acklington, where 61 vehicles were all being driven safely.

Morpeth Neighbourhood Sergeant Dave Simpson said: “On this occasion I am happy to say that the majority of those drivers that we checked adhered to the speed limits and were driving in a safe manner.

“Speeding and road safety is a priority for police in Morpeth. This action will continue over the coming months to ensure that those who choose to speed and put others on the roads at risk are identified and dealt with accordingly.”

The operation was implemented after concerns were raised by councillors and the local community.

County councillor for Chevington with Longhorsley Glen Sanderson said: “The police have plenty on their plate and to some this might not seem a priority, but to local people this assistance comes as a comfort and will help reduce the speed of the few foolish drivers who cause distress and are a potential danger to local people.”

He also hopes police will tackle the issue of anti-social motorbike riders.