Police team up with community to tackle speeding

Police are continuing to put the brakes on speeding drivers as they check hundreds of vehicles.

Neighbourhood officers from Morpeth teamed up with Community Speedwatch Volunteers in the wider area to monitor traffic speeds where residents had raised concerns.

We will keep this up and continue to support the force’s road safety campaign.

Sharon Wilmore-Greaves, Morpeth Neighbourhood Sergeant

In total, 1,615 vehicles were checked at ten locations — the A196 Morpeth Road, Pegswood, Ulgham, Longhirst, Hebron, Tranwell, Fulbeck, Glororum, Hepscott and Broomhill.

As a result, 25 people were given warnings for speeding.

And in another operation officers joined forces with HM Customs and Excise to check vehicles for other road traffic offences.

More than 25 vehicles were stopped and all had their fuel tanks checked for red diesel. However, none were carrying the illegal fuel.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Sharon Wilmore-Greaves said: “The Morpeth Neighbourhood Policing Team is always speaking to local residents to see what their concerns are and on the whole the majority tell us that they feel safe and have no major issues.

“Their biggest concern is road safety so that’s why throughout March we carried out lots of activity, targeting speeding and dangerous drivers.

“We will keep this up and continue to support the force’s road safety campaign, Operation Dragoon, which is aimed at making the roads safer for everyone.”

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird backed the operations.

“The police are there to tackle the issues that matter most to local people and it’s really positive to see this happening in Morpeth,” she said.