Police urge sex abuse victims to come forward

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POLICE are urging victims of rape and sexual abuse to report it.

The Northumbria Police Rape Investigation Team is dedicated to investigating such cases and officers have assured victims that they will seek justice for them.

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Gary Calvert said: “We have had some excellent results in bringing offenders to justice. The results we have achieved have very much been through the bravery of victims reporting it to police or third party agencies.

“We recognise the serious impact crimes like this have, not just on victims, but those around them, and we have specially trained officers dedicated to making sure they have the help and support they need and that incidents are investigated appropriately.

“Having the confidence to come forward and report these incidents to police can be a huge step for victims. We work closely with other agencies to provide advice and support and to make sure that the right measures are put in place to safeguard them and ensure they are supported every step of the way.”

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird added: “I have worked on tackling violence against women for many years and I’d urge anyone out there who is a victim of a sexual offence not to suffer in silence, but to talk to someone they trust — family, friend, colleague, the police, or an independent domestic abuse helpline like REACH.

“I want to reassure victims that help is available and police, partners, independent helplines and charities are all here to offer support.”

Anyone affected by sexual violence can contact REACH on 0191 221 9222 or online at www.reachsarc.org.uk