Police warn A1 go-slow bikers

WARNINGS were issued to 45 bikers during a protest on the A1.

Around 700 motorbikes travelled at speeds as low as 30mph on the road between Washington Services and Morpeth on Sunday afternoon as part of a national day of protest by the Motorcycle Action Group.

Members are angry about changes to EU legislation relating to motorbike repairs, hi-viz clothing and crash barrier design, which they say impacts unfairly on bikers compared to other road users.

Police said the majority of protesters behaved responsibly, but 45 people were issued with warnings under the Police Reform Act.

Chief Supt Gordon Milward said: “Thanks to positive action by motor patrol officers, tailbacks on the A1 were kept to a minimum.

“While the majority of bikers protested in a responsible manner, a minority were intent on causing traffic disruption.

“I’m pleased how we managed this protest. The information we’ve gathered means we can take follow-up action against any riders in breach of road traffic regulations.

“At no point did the A1 come to a standstill and there were no reported road traffic collisions.

“We are committed to facilitating peaceful protest and we always try to work closely with the organisers, which we’ll continue to do in the future.”