Police warn of advert space scam

DETECTIVES are warning traders and businesses about an advertising scam offering space in illegitimate emergency services’ publications.

There are reports of callers claiming to be a police representative selling advertising space in merchandise such as diaries and calendars, but they have no sanction from Northumbria Police.

Invoices and debt collection letters are then being sent, demanding payment for an advert which will not be published anywhere.

Chief Inspector Bob Ryan said: “These callers are trying all methods to make their scam appear legitimate — we assure you it is not.

“We do not have police officers offering any sort of advertising in publications and any calls of this sort should be reported to us.

“Always ask for a contact name, address and telephone number of the person calling and say you will contact them back.

“If they are legitimate sellers they will have no problem with this.

“Also ask if they will meet with you in person to discuss your advertising needs.

“Again, should they be genuine they will not have an issue with this.”

To report such calls contact police on 03456 043043, ext 69191. The Office of Fair Trading also has a hotline on 020 72118111.