Police warn of computer scams

DETECTIVES from Northumbria Police’s Crime Department are warning people against computer scams.

Officers have received reports of people getting calls from someone claiming to work for the computer company Microsoft asking them to pay over £100 for security for their computer.

The fraudster rings the victim’s landline and claims that they have a problem with their computer’s security system.

They then try to get the victim to allow them remote access to their computer and offer them a security update in exchange for an immediate one-off payment.

Detective Sergeant Andy Gimza said: “We have received a number of calls about this type of scam and must stress it is not a legitimate service.

“If you receive any calls similar to this and think that something isn’t quite right then don’t give out any details. Hang up and contact the police or the Office of Fair Trading.

“If a caller is legitimate then they won’t mind you doing checks on them and getting back to them at a later date. Don’t put your finances at risk by giving your bank details to anyone unless you know that they are legitimate.”

To report suspicious callers telephone 0207 2118111.

The website www.northeastfraudforum.co.uk also provides free advice on various scams.