Police warning after fuel thefts

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BUSINESSES have been advised to take extra security steps following thefts of vehicle fuel.

Several incidents have been reported in the Morpeth area of thieves targeting HGVs and storage depots, searching for diesel.

Morpeth Neighbourhood Inspector Dave Simpson said: “The majority of diesel thefts are happening overnight and the offenders are targeting anywhere where fuel is stored.

“The key to stopping these offences is to remove the opportunity for thieves and to make it more difficult for them. If storage tanks and vehicles are left with little or no fuel in them then the thieves cannot steal it.

“Companies with a large number of vehicles can also help by making changes to how they operate. On most occasions drivers will fill their vehicle at the end of a shift, leaving it full overnight. They can consider leaving the vehicles empty overnight and ask the drivers to refuel in the morning.”

Anyone with information about suspicious incidents can contact police on 101, ext 69191.