Police welcome new database

POLICE have welcomed a new national database, saying it will help detection and prevention of crime.

The Police National Database (PND) enables forces to share and access locally-held intelligence that previously had to be distributed manually.

The system was recommended following the Soham murders in 2002 and has been funded by the Home Office.

Northumbria Police says it will be a valuable tool, enabling officers to see a full intelligence picture immediately, identify patterns of criminal behaviour and take action more quickly.

Detective Superintendent Neil Adamson said: “We were one of the first forces to connect to the Police National Database. We have been using it operationally and have already seen positive results from it.

“The system is an important tool in the detection and prevention of crime and can help protect vulnerable people in our society.

“We know criminals don’t respect force boundaries and having this national intelligence available to us in this format will significantly help us with our investigations.”

The PND is said to be the most secure national police system developed to date and is only accessible to authorised and vetted users, with special controls so that users can only access information they require for their particular roles.

It has been developed in partnership with Logica and has been completed under budget.