Problem parkers are a priority

POLICE have insisted that dealing with problem parkers near two Ponteland schools remains a priority for officers.

During a Ponteland Town Council meeting, local Neighbourhood Beat Manager Paul Henery was asked if police could step up patrols on Thornhill Road.

A minority of parents and guardians are still causing a major nuisance and extra congestion by parking on double yellow lines and pavements when taking pupils to and from Richard Coates Middle School and Ponteland First School.

Coun Carl Rawlings said: “As we are at the start of a new school year and illegal parking is still a problem in the area, could we have a little more of a police presence there over the coming weeks?”

PC Henery said: “In general this is not seen as a big priority in Northumberland because we’re moving towards the county council taking on responsibilities for on-street parking.

“But it doesn’t detract from dealing with congestion in Thornhill Road and Merton Way as it’s one of our neighbourhood priorities for Ponteland.

“In fact we had the mobile police station at Merton Way today and one of the things officers were looking out for was people parking illegally.

“The education side of the campaign has worked well, but those who continue to cause a major obstruction or park on double yellow lines will receive tickets.”

To help ease the congestion, parking bays for residents in the neighbouring homes and a zebra crossing were also installed.