Public tell of crime issues

POLICE have been out around Morpeth to find out community concerns.

A mobile police station recently called into Hadston and Widdrington, while residents and shoppers on the streets of Morpeth were also approached by officers.

More than 160 people were consulted by the Morpeth Neighbourhood Policing team about the issues that affect their communities.

And more than 60 per cent of those questioned said there were no complaints and they were satisfied with their area.

Concerns that were identified included issues around parking, environmental health, such as dog fouling and litter, speeding drivers and anti-social behaviour, which was particularly highlighted around the Hadston precinct and Widdrington Station shops.

Officers are planning action to tackle the problems.

Sergeant Sharon Wilmore-Greaves said: “Having the mobile police station allows us to have a presence all around the sector, even right out in the rural areas.

“The feedback we receive from the public is crucial to how we set our policing strategies. We are here to make a difference in the local neighbourhoods and if there are issues, we want to know about them.

“We have a lot of satisfied residents and crime figures continue to fall in the area. We will continue to reduce crime and disorder and ensure that any community concerns are dealt with.

“We do reassure our communities that the Morpeth sector is a safe place to live, work and visit.”