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George VI Specials Medal
George VI Specials Medal

FIFTY long-lost war medals have turned up in police storage.

The long-service medals are thought to belong to veterans who served in the First World War and then became Special Constables during the Second World War.

They were found by staff at Northumbria Police and have been passed to the North East Police History Society, which hopes to present them to the families of the original recipients.

Each of the engraved medals has been polished and attached to a ribbon and is in its original box.

Society Treasurer and Membership Secretary Mick Stothard said: “There will be a lot of medal groups out there on display in regimental museums and in homes that are missing this medal. We’d love to return them to the proud families.”

The engraved names are: James F Allan, A/Sgt James Arnott, Stanley Barber, Thomas H Barker, Thomas E Belcher, Christopher Brown, John S Brown, Thomas Calvert, James L Childs, Ian M Compton, William L Cook, Robert Craig, Ernest T Cunnel, Bernard A Falconer, Robert S Foreman, William G Foreman, Reginals Forster, Robert D Hall, Thomas W Hardie, Henry T Hardy, Joseph W Hindmarsh, Stephen M Holmes, Robert ADC Hudson, Thomas Jewitt, John YW Johnson, Derreck L Kennerley, A/Sgt Dudley H Kent, Oliver V Lintern, George Matthewson, David Milligan, William E Mitcell, Archibald Moffett, Albert W Moore, James E Motion, George W Page, William R Pape, Norman T Pearson, Stephen L Pearson, Trevor B Phillips, Harold E Plummer, Joseph G Robinson, Alfred C Sloane, Sgt Frederick C Smith, William E Toft, James Tyson, Albert Urquhart, Douglas Wallace, William Mck Wallace, Frederick H Williams, John R Wills.

Anyone who recognises a relative in the list and wishes to claim a medal should contact Mr Stothard on 0191 371 0276.