Simple rules keep beaches pleasant

A NEW campaign will help residents and visitors to continue liking being beside the Northumberland seaside.

Northumbria Police has launched Beach Respect to remind people of a few simple rules about what is and is not acceptable behaviour on the coast.

Posters promoting good beach etiquette are being put up at beauty spots such as Druridge Bay and Cresswell Beach, visitors’ centres and camping and caravan sites close to the sea.

Extra patrols will run at busy times to ensure people are not acting anti-socially when at the beach.

The initiative ties in with the recently introduced Coastal Watch, which has been developed by a partnership of agencies with an interest in preserving the best features of the county’s coastline.

It works by encouraging local residents, volunteers and regular beach users to report incidents of anti-social behaviour and other activities that lead to litter or damage to the area.

One of the problems that police have had to deal with in recent years is people damaging fences and park benches to get extra wood for beach barbecues and bonfires.

Alnwick Neighbourhood Inspector Sue Peart said: “This area is renowned for its fantastic beaches and we want to play our part in helping tourism by keeping the beaches safe and crime free.

“We always welcome visitors, but will not allow our beaches to be damaged and spoiled by an uncaring few who don’t respect the beach code.”