Specials make sure show goes smoothly

NORTHUMBRIA Police ensured it was a ‘special’ three days at the Burgham Horse Trials.

The event attracted thousands of visitors to the area and passed off without incident – thanks in part to the presence of Special Constables who were on patrol at the Burgham Park venue.

The force had five of these officers on duty for the event, with responsibility for providing the police response to incidents and helping visitors when necessary.

Morpeth Acting Neighbourhood Inspector Dave Simpson said: “Special Constables are an important part of our Neighbourhood Policing Team.

“Not only do they provide an excellent resource in everyday policing they are an integral part in policing events such as the Burgham Horse Trials.

“The officers were an important part of the proceedings and provided an important service to the event, visitors and other police officers on duty.

“Those who volunteer come from all walks of life and bring an array of qualities and skills to the police service.”

Once they have completed their training, Special Constables carry a full range of police powers, are issued with the same protective equipment, wear a similar uniform, and deal with the same type of incidents as their regular officers.

Those interested in joining the Special Constabulary can telephone their local Neighbourhood Policing Team on 03456 043043 to find out more.

They can apply online at www.northumbria.police.uk