Warning of shopper scam

JOB hunters have been warned about a ‘mystery shopper’ scam.

Northumberland Trading Standards is advising people to be wary of suspicious advertisements that may be offering scam employment opportunities.

Adverts offer vacancies for ‘mystery shoppers’ for three businesses and people who respond are given a cheque for 3,250 euro. They are then told to cash the cheque and pose as a customer of a money transfer company to wire £1,500 to a fake relative abroad.

However, the cheque is counterfeit and the money wired is collected by the scammers.

Officers are also warning of a computer scam where fraudsters claim to have found a fault with a customer’s computer.

They offer to repair it by accessing the computer remotely, which can lead to the disclosure of passwords and other security protection.

To report a scam contact Consumer Direct on 08454 040506.