Watering down the crime threat

A NORTH East bakery chain is making its mark in store security.

Greggs shops across the region have adopted an innovative theft deterrent to ensure staff, customers and takings are better protected.

The retailer, which has a shop in Morpeth, is using SmartWater spray systems as part of a national security upgrade.

The technology marks any intruders with an invisible, non-hazardous liquid that carries a unique chemical signature. It can only be seen using special UV lighting and will forensically tag the skin and clothing of thieves so they carry evidence of their crime long after it has been committed.

SmartWater is searched for by police and has a 100 per cent conviction rate.

Greggs Retail Loss Prevention Manager Bruce Duncan said: “We’ve experienced a number of attempted burglaries at shops in the North East and our number one priority is to protect our local colleagues while preventing future incidences occurring.

“The conviction rate where SmartWater has been deployed is outstanding and sends a very clear message to thieves that our shops represent a significant risk of detection and subsequent arrest.”

Shops also have access to rapid deployment SmartWater spray systems, which can be installed at short notice almost anywhere within a store. The devices will be moved around based on police advice and where there is a heightened risk of burglary.