We’re still going strong

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A BUSY energy-saving organisation has hit out at rogue traders who claim it has closed down.

Northumberland Warm Zone is still going strong in its tenth year of operation, helping residents to access grants for insulation and providing benefits advice.

However, the scheme, which is part of the National Energy Action charity, has received reports of hard-selling doorstep traders who are using high pressure tactics to access people’s homes, even saying that Warm Zone has folded.

The organisation is now working with Northumberland Trading Standards to make people aware of the situation and try to track those responsible for the claims.

Team Leader Michael Vintis said: “We have had calls from older folk who have told us they have had visits from an insulation company which pressured them into signing up for insulation work.

“When the caller was told by the client that they used Warm Zone the caller explained that Warm Zone no longer existed and had closed down. This is patently not true and we are dealing with Northumberland Trading Standards to make sure that people in the county are kept aware of what is really happening.

“Our organisation is still in business and still doing a great job for clients across Northumberland.

“We are moving into our tenth year of operation and have installed well over 3,000 insulation measures in the last year alone. Far from being closed we are now moving into areas of insulation previously untouched, such as solid wall and random stone constructions.”

To contact Warm Zone call 01670 356642.