You can help beat the burglars

POLICE are calling on the public to help beat the burglars.

A forcewide initiative is under way by Northumbria Police to crackdown on house and shed burglaries, with increased patrols and other activities.

But officers say that key to their success is the actions of householders to protect their property.

And crime prevention advice is being offered on securing homes and gardens through leaflets, poster campaigns, meeting presentations, stalls and community messaging systems.

Detective Inspector Caroline Ord said: “Simple things like locking your doors and removing keys from the lock, closing your windows, or investing in a timer switch for your lights can make a real difference to protecting your property.

“People should also ensure their gardens and sheds are adequately locked and if they aren’t, refrain from storing high value goods in them, such as expensive bikes or power tools. Tools are often used to break into properties.

“As always, we would ask that any suspicious activity is reported to police. By working together we can make sure we cut burglaries across Northumbria Police.”

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