Cubs kick off a Kiwi adventure with letters across the globe

The 4th Morpeth Tuesday Cub Pack
The 4th Morpeth Tuesday Cub Pack

4th Morpeth Tuesday Cub Pack

The 4th Morpeth Tuesday Cub Pack worked towards their International Partnership Award by writing letters to two different Cub packs in New Zealand.

They told them about themselves, what they did at Cub pack meetings and what they liked.

The leader (Akela) of the Morpeth Cubs Sarah Wylie had contacted the leaders of the New Zealand Cubs earlier in the year.

One of the New Zealand Cub packs was in Wellington and the other in Taranaki. They were more than happy to do it so Sarah sent the letters off, hoping for a reply.

Later in the year Sarah received some parcels. The New Zealand Cubs had replied.

When Sarah took the parcel to the Cub meeting and showed the members they were thrilled.

The New Zealand Cubs had sent badges, neckerchiefs, letters, leaflets and pictures for them. They were really pleased.

Sarah told the Cubs to take a letter each, or for some people two, and asked them to write a reply to the New Zealand Cubs.

They were also asked to bring it back with £1 and a prize for a tombola to raise money to buy a tree to plant in New Zealand.

The tombola brought in loads of prizes, from books to make-up, from jigsaws to gift cards.

Everyone got a prize. Unfortunately not everyone got what they wanted.

The District Commissioner Clive Rich came and watched and at the end of the meeting presented to the Cubs their International Partnership Awards. They are the only ones in the Scout District to receive them.

Matthew Eke

Young Leader

4th Morpeth Tuesday Cubs