CULTURE: What will be the priority?

It was good to read that Northumberland County Council has changed its approach to tackling weeds.

Saturday, 5th May 2018, 6:00 am

I wonder if it will consider building on the work by looking at how to encourage neighbours to take positive action in their own area.

Unless you have a garden waste bin, if you cleared a section of weeds and filled a bag or two, you would be left with a choice of filling a technically inappropriate wheelie bin with the waste or taking a trip to the civic amenity site.

But if you develop a partnership approach to drain, litter and weed clearing by involving the public with the relevant public and private concerns, progress can be made to improve the look of all parts of the county.

It is ok for the county council to come up with a cultural strategy. It shows recognition of the economic boost that culture can give as it covers such a wide range.

The challenge comes when the council tries to engage with residents to work out what people’s priorities are, but also whether people think that existing funding commitments to culture and the arts are money well spent or if changes have to be made.

From the public interest and that of other interested partners, the council also has the challenge of deciding how future arts and culture funding is spent. For example, if we accept that Morpeth needs a larger library, what will we need to have in it?

Robert Pollard