Dad Simon picks up Olympic gold

Simon Willcox and  10 year old George.
Simon Willcox and 10 year old George.

THEY thought their chance to get Olympic tickets had passed, but a Pegswood father and son shall be going to the sporting extravaganza after all.

Simon Willcox had been unlucky in the original ballot so he decided to enter the BT Record Breakers competition where customers enter by using their phone, computer or television.

And the 44-year-old, who has competed in British, Welsh and World Tae Kwon Do Championships, was one of the lucky winners.

He received a pair of tickets for a Judo session and has decided to take his eldest child George, aged 10.

As his eight-year-old daughter Alexandra loves gymnastics the family is still hoping to get some tickets so she can go along as well, but for the moment she will be watching at home with her mum and younger brother Henry.

Mr Willcox, who is Chairman of Pegswood Parish Council, said: “We’re both really excited that we’ll be able to watch an Olympic sport up close. The Olympic Games is about bringing people together from all over the world, we have family in London so will use the excuse to visit them.”

To have a chance of winning tickets, those with BT home services need to match an existing Olympic or Paralympic record using either their home phone, a wi-fi hotspot or watching BT Vision On Demand programmes on television. A new landmark for each section is posted online every week.

Mr Willcox used wi-fi for a total of two hours and 23 minutes, which was the best time for the Women’s Olympic Marathon, achieved by Naoko Takahashi at the Sydney Games in 2000.

Hundreds of tickets are still up for grabs. To enter and for more information, BT customers need to visit