Danger at the lights

Traffic at the Morpeth roundabout at the end of Bridge Street.
Traffic at the Morpeth roundabout at the end of Bridge Street.

THE evidence is mounting for Morpeth’s controversial traffic lights to be pulled out, campaigners say.

These photographs show some of the damage that has been caused at the Telford Bridge junction, with a sign and lamppost felled, a concrete barrier nudged back and a gash in one of the light stands.

They also highlight the tight turn at the lights and show evidence of drivers mounting the pavement.

Members of the Lights Out group, which is calling on Northumberland County Council to replace the signals with a roundabout, say the images are proof that the system is unsafe.

Chairman David Towns said: “I don’t think you can just dismiss bad design by saying these things are down to bad driving.

“At the first public meeting about the lights we were told things would improve, but there is more and more evidence telling us that far from improving, things are actually getting worse.

“When the new supermarket opens there will be even more large vehicles coming through. What will happen next? Are we going to have more barriers up? More ugly street furniture spoiling the formerly pretty entrance into Morpeth?

“We are getting more evidence of how dangerous these lights are and how they are still causing congestion. It is not just a fantasy of a few people, this is the reality. That is why there are still people complaining.”

A review of the Morpeth road network is under way.