Daredevil Dave leaps into action

DAREDEVIL fund-raiser Dave Tinlin is at it again, all in the name of charity.

Last year the Morpeth man raised around £1,400 for Escape Family Support by taking on a parachute jump, and he boosted the total through small-scale activities, such as running collections and stalls.

But next month his adventurous side will come to the fore again with a sponsored bungee jump from Middlesbrough’s Transporter Bridge.

“It will be my first time at a bungee jump, but I’m ready for it,” he said.

“With the parachute jump I was nervous, but when I got to the bottom I wanted to do it again so maybe this will be the same.

“There’s quite a few things I want to do for sponsorship, like wing walking, swimming with sharks or walking over hot coals, so I’ll try to do one big one every year, between running fund-raising stalls and taking part in other events.”

Mr Tinlin is a volunteer mentor at Escape after the charity helped him to overcome alcohol addiction.

Earlier this year he was selected to carry the Olympic Torch through Ashington in recognition of his charity work.

And just two weeks after carrying the flame, he celebrated seven years of being sober. He now uses the Torch to help raise further funds for Escape.

“I’ve raised thousands of pounds now, but it’s always ongoing to see what I can get,” he said.

Anyone wishing to sponsor Mr Tinlin should contact Escape on 01670 544055.