Dawn warms up the winter with chocolate

Yvonne, the volunteer Hepscott WI chocolatier.
Yvonne, the volunteer Hepscott WI chocolatier.

Hepscott WI

On a cold November evening members of Hepscott WI were welcomed into the village hall by the sweet smell of chocolate.

Dawn Watts, from Kenspeckle, demonstrated the art of chocolate making. She began with a brief history of the business.

Kenspeckle is a Northumbrian word meaning distinctive or easily recognised.

After winning a gold medal at the 2012 Good Taste Awards Dawn was offered contracts with Selfridges and Fortnum and Mason, and is also providing the Co-op with artisan confectionary.

Kenspeckle is part of a social enterprise in Lynemouth, employing only local people.

With the assistance of volunteer Yvonne, Dawn showed us how to make chocolate, giving plenty of tips.

We got to taste all kinds of chocolate and fudge, while Dawn and Yvonne created chocolates filled with a strawberry and balsamatic ganache.

A pop-up stall manned by Dawn’s son David ensured that members left with bargains.