Demands for more feedback

MORE feedback has been demanded from parish councillors about local forums and organisations.

Resident Lesley Tollett brought up the issue as she complained that not enough information is being provided.

She said that of the numerous outside bodies attended by members, few are reported back to parishioners.

“There are 21 groups or outside bodies that parish councillors can attend, but I feel that over the last year we have had very little feedback from any councillors on the majority of meetings that have taken place,” she said.

“We have a full complement of parish councillors now and I personally will be looking for some feedback from all of the outside bodies on the list.

“I do understand that parish councillors can’t always attend these meetings because of other commitments, but perhaps another representative could go in their place.

“You are our representatives on these bodies.”

Parish Chairman Joe Sennett said some of the organisations seldom hold meetings, but took the comments on board.