DENTIST: Couldn't be more caring

I write to commend the outstanding caring approach shown by the staff of Newgate Dental Solutions in Morpeth.

Friday, 9th June 2017, 06:00 am

Recently, I took a friend there for dental work and while there she started to feel very unwell.

The staff just could not have done more to make sure she was all right, moving her downstairs to a cooler spot, offering drinks of water and ensuring she was going to be able to get home safely, or to the doctor’s.

As we waited for the dental technician to finish his job, I think every member of staff, including at least one dentist, came downstairs to check on her. No more than a couple of minutes elapsed before another staff member came down.

What a credit to this dental practice is every member of its staff.

If I were recommending a dentist’s to a newcomer to Morpeth, Newgate Dental Solutions would be top of the list.

Thank you, Newgate Dental Solutions.

J Hedley