DEVELOPMENT: Don't let them walk over us

How interesting to note that the outline application for the proposed retail development on the County Hall site was submitted to the planning department on Friday, November 18.

Thursday, 1st December 2016, 08:24 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 14:40 pm

It should appear on the county’s website five to nine days after it was submitted and once it has been “validated”.

I say “interesting” because the so-called consultation was only held on Thursday, November 3.

Over 600 people attended the consultation, with many filling in the response forms then and there. Many others submitted their responses later, but within the timescale allowed.

Yet it appears to have been deemed that not only have all those responses been analysed, but adjustments have been made to the proposal after note has been taken of the community’s comments, all in 12 working days. Some hope.

It appears to have been the charade we all assumed it would be.

Morpeth folk must not give up though.

We must submit our valid objections to each of the applications for the site and not let them just walk over us.

Joan Tebbutt

Morpeth Kirkhill Town Councillor