DEVELOPMENT: Heading for traffic problem

There was a suggestion that a statue of Grant Davey be erected on the site where the council tore down good healthy trees, with a torn up copy of the Neighbourhood Plan in one hand and a hand gesture to the people of Morpeth in another, (Morpeth Herald, February 9).

Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:30 am

I’m sure Coun Davey would be delighted at this kind gesture. After all, when children from the relocated Goosehill School have devoured beefburgers from the drive-thru’ restaurant they can get exercise and fresh air by taking their rubber rings and competing to see how many they can throw onto each finger of the statue.

My question is straightforward, yet I can find no one who knows the answer.

The new road layout north of Morpeth will hopefully ease congestion into Morpeth from the north, but what about the south? With so many houses being built south of the river how will all the traffic get past Mafeking Park and over the Telford Bridge?

In recent months I have twice been overtaken in Castle Square and had to brake to let them in.

On several occasions I have seen traffic coming from past the Sun Inn, turning right at Mafeking Park, but continuing round the roundabout and pushing in, in one case narrowly missing a collision.

In September last year there was a very nasty accident on the bend coming into Castle Square.

How long before someone gets killed?

As with the traffic lights at the end of the bridge, it is obvious we are heading for problems getting into Morpeth from the south.

I’m sure there will be those who say an ‘out-of-town retail centre’ is the answer, but common sense dictates that the cessation of house building is required.

Morpeth is already a ‘concrete jungle’ — it is time to stop.

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