DEVELOPMENT: It's becoming a concrete ghetto

Welcome to Morpethington.

Friday, 25th November 2016, 05:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 29th November 2016, 09:27 am

Once an idyllic market town, whose motto was ‘living amongst woods and streams’, it is at last progressing with the times, developing into an urban sprawl of houses, fast food outlets and flood risk, the latter offering a sure attraction for the camera enthusiasts and budding youtubers.

As a nation of healthy thin people, it is good to see that we are encouraging more fast food outlets, especially proposing one by a new school on the County Hall site, which is being demolished because it is in such a dilapidated state, apparently.

This is a great initiative to encourage healthy eating amongst our youngsters.

Of course, this will be offset by the long walk children will have to the new school, unless of course their parents will be dropping them off in cars.

But surely not, as further congestion is likely with our already clogged roads.

It is great to see the furry wildlife being driven away, as well as the native white clawed crayfish — after all, it’s no good if it can’t be served with chips.

The Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan (MNP) appears to have been a total waste of time for both Morpeth councillors and the general public.

Northumberland County Council seems intent on vandalising Morpeth, and sadly, it appears to be getting away with it.

The Secretary of State rejected the opportunity to call in the Mitford Estates application, despite the fact that it contravenes the MNP.

Worryingly, does this set precedence for the rest of the UK? In front of him were ‘houses’ and ‘employment’, therefore he can tick the box to develop the ‘bleak up North’.

Morpeth is being infiltrated with new housing estates far beyond the housing requirement identified in the Core Strategy, yet there is no infrastructure to support these developments.

As well as a pub and fast food outlet proposed for the north of Morpeth, the south of Morpeth is getting one too.

Still, on a positive note, our gem of a town is gradually looking like many of the other concrete ghettos you can see when driving south on the A1.

Congratulations must be given to the Davys, county councillors, the planning department and developers for making this all possible.

Your legacy will live on and we will be indebted to you.

M Fisher

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