DEVELOPMENT: Land should not be sold

Is there a glimmer of hope for Longhorsley?

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 05 May, 2016, 08:11

Those of us who care for Longhorsley were horrified when, despite massive opposition, permission was given for two large housing developments beside the busy A697.

The Reivers Gate development, which protrudes into the open countryside to the north of the village, was started immediately.

But the one to the south of the Shoulder of Mutton pub, for 55 houses, cannot start until negotiations between the parish council and the land owners, over the value of the ‘ransom strip’, have been concluded.

The ransom strip is part of the village green so what right does the parish council have to sell it without a clear mandate from the community?

If the parish council argues that it is being forced to sell it, that is extremely questionable.

If you owned the only access to a development you did not want, would you sell it? Of course not.

Land Law Solutions, solicitors who specialise in restrictive covenants, rights of way, ransom strips and other land law issues, says it knows of no reason why the village should be forced to sell any of the village green against its will.

I believe that Longhorsley residents could stop this development if they demand that the parish council refuses to sell any of the village green for a development the community does not want.

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