DEVELOPMENT: Road planning is required

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After the recent positive publicity for Arch, it will be interesting to see what vision it has for retail in Morpeth, given the county council’s limited enthusiasm for the town plan and the increasing likelihood of further proposals for out-of-town shopping, and the business rate plans for 2017-2018 and beyond.

This is set against challenging times for retail, which anyone from Arch, or indeed the county council, could observe in the main streets of Morpeth, Blyth and Ashington.

Hopefully, the concerns of Morpeth’s Chamber of Trade members and other concerned residents will be taken note of and they will be engaged in Arch’s decision-making process when it works on its plans.

Traditionally, the view in Morpeth was that there should be another bridge across the Wansbeck close to the existing Telford Bridge, given the likelihood of development on the old library site and the progress made on the McCarthy and Stone development.

The location of a new bridge would appear to be more difficult to predict. It continues to be needed. As Morpeth expands, traffic volumes will continue to increase.

Yes, we want people to continue to park and shop in Morpeth, but we need the infrastructure to get traffic through and out of Morpeth at a reasonable time.

You don’t want people to be stuck in traffic and looking back to when there was less congestion.

A vision/plan for the road network in the town needs to be worked out to help deal with the problem areas.

l The vegetable shortage in supermarkets of late, caused by bad weather in Spain, has been surprising as I was unaware of how reliant we are on produce from this specific area of Spain.

People who work in agriculture or the food sector will have a good idea why the Spanish produce has got such a hold on the British market.

But I wonder how complicated it would be for Britain to grow more vegetables, then how long it would take to increase the percentage of home grown cabbages or lettuces?

To give another example of the many challenges of Brexit is the impact on the supply and price of food.

Robert Pollard

Northbourne Avenue