DEVELOPMENT: Selling off car parking space

The recent drop-in session at the Town Hall enthusiastically told us what was happening with a number of key sites in Morpeth.

Friday, 23rd February 2018, 5:00 am

It was strange that there was no mention of the proposed development of the old Register Office in Newgate Street.

There are plans to turn the building into 13 flats, which may or may not be a good use of the building, but at least something is being done to prevent it from standing empty and degenerating further.

The council still owns the building and is selling it to a private developer, rather than considering alternative uses.

As part of the same planning application there are proposals for five dormer bungalows to be built on the existing car park, which will also mean chopping down some mature trees.

I read that Coun Glen Sanderson is desperately looking for car parking spaces in the town.

There are around 30 on this site, and the council owns them, yet they are not mentioned in the article about possible sites.

Could it be that the council is more interested in selling the land off for development than providing much needed car parking spaces? Surely not.

Paul Raven

Cottingwood Lane