DEVELOPMENT: Worry about flood impact

I would like to thank Rhona Dunn and Joyce Wotherspoon for voicing so eloquently the concerns of many residents of the town about the proliferation of residential building being allowed around Morpeth.

Friday, 12th August 2016, 5:00 am

I would like to add to their lists my particular concern, which is that Morpeth town sits in a bowl. Our Flood Alleviation Scheme was not designed to take account of the housing estates now being built around the rim of the bowl.

It is an ‘alleviation’ scheme, not a guaranteed defence scheme, and although we have evidence of how excellently the dam and walls protected our homes, no one knows what will happen when the green fields are built on and huge areas of soak-away lost.

While I appreciate that builders have to include sustainable urban drainage in their developments, again we do not know how effective they will be.

Buyers from outside the local area will have no knowledge of how bad the flooding was in 2008, and again to a lesser extent in 2012, but in the vein of Joyce’s letter I would suggest they all buy waders — wellies won’t do the job.

Lynda Martin

Morpeth Flood Action Group