Did you see woman fall in town centre?

Margaret Charlton before the accident.
Margaret Charlton before the accident.

ONE year on from her life-changing accident, the family of a Morpeth woman is appealing for those who witnessed the incident to get in touch.

Margaret Charlton was walking along Bridge Street near the Black Bull pub following a visit to her hairdresser’s in mid-afternoon on February 7, 2013, when she fell and hit her head.

After being knocked out for a few minutes, she received assistance from a paramedic and was taken to her home in Manchester Street.

A scan revealed some bleeding on the brain and it was hoped that she would recover from it.

However, she began to suffer from delusions and walk the streets at night.

The 83-year-old was then put into a home.

Her son Ken is now asking people who saw Mrs Charlton fall to contact him so the family can get a clear picture of exactly what happened on the day.

He said: “My mother had a full and active life before the accident and not long beforehand she was in Tenerife with her friends.

“We hoped that she would be ok afterwards, but her mental state got progressively worse. It started with little things like not being able to work the television and forgetting appointments and developed into delusions and going out into the streets.

“It got to the stage where the police insisted that she needed to go into a home because she was a danger to herself.

“Her condition has got much worse over the last two months and she can hardly stand up. I’ve been told that she is never coming out.

“Quite a few people would have been in that area of Bridge Street when the incident took place and we’re appealing to them to tell us what they saw, particularly those who had a clear view of the fall.”

Anyone who saw what happened can ring Mr Charlton on 01670 783944 or email kencharlton@yahoo.com