Dog mess sparks criticism

IRRESPONSIBLE dog owners have put councillors in a foul mood, after parts of the parish are being covered in muck.

Coun Dickinson branded the state of the footpaths from Hadston to Red Row First School as an ‘absolute disgrace’.

He said: “They are covered from top to bottom in dog rubbish. I am concerned about the children and parents who have to walk along there.

“I have been bombarded by residents.”

Coun Thurgood admitted there was a problem, adding there was also an issue with dogs at the MUGA.

He said: “It is a very small minority of people allowing it to happen. But some dog owners don’t want to know.

“I’ve said something to someone before and they threatened to set the dogs on me.”

Coun Julie Milnes added: There are bins provided. I don’t know why people don’t pick it up.”

The meeting heard a lot of money has been spent providing specialist bins in the parish.

l The council wants residents to suggest which seats in the parish should be replaced.

People should contact a councillor in person or Hadston House (01670 761537) by March 1 to say which seats are in a poor state.

They will be replaced on residents’ priority.