Don’t miss your annual flu jab

A MORPETH GP has urged patients at risk to book a free flu jab.

Dr Alistair Blair, who is Chief Clinical Officer of NHS Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group and works at Wellway Medical Group, is reminding people to come forward for the annual vaccination.

He said: “Older people are well established at coming forward for their annual flu vaccine every year, which is great news. However, we really want to remind pregnant women, the parents of children with complex health needs and adults with long-term health conditions that they really need to make sure they protect themselves and have the vaccine.

“Flu can increase the risk of developing more serious illnesses, such as bronchitis and pneumonia, and can make existing conditions much worse. Flu can knock you off your feet and make it hard to look after the kids or go to work. In the most serious cases seasonal flu might land you in hospital – it can even be a killer.”

People in the ‘at risk’ groups can book a free vaccine with their local GP. Community pharmacies are also offering the jab, but patients will need to take a letter from their GP and photo identification to prove they are eligible.

To check your eligibility for the vaccine visit