Donation of special gold coins will help charity’s big appeal

Leonie with two Morpeth Town players during Morpeth Fair Day.
Leonie with two Morpeth Town players during Morpeth Fair Day.

A charity that had a stall at Morpeth Fair Day was in for a big surprise when counting the donated coins.

Kath Nixon, founder of Out of Sight which supports visually impaired children and their families, was going through the money at home after being part of the team who were at the event to raise awareness of its activities.

She was stunned to find a coin that had George and the Dragon on the back and a date of 1966 and an internet search said it was a 22ct Gold Sovereign coin.

There was further good news when she asked her husband Alan to get a 5p coin from the bucket to size it for photographs, but instead he found a second Gold Sovereign coin exactly the same, apart from being dated 1968.

She took them to a goldsmith friend who lives nearby and he confirmed they were the special coins. They were purchased for £200 each and with Gift Aid, £500 has been added to the charity’s funds.

Kath said: “I didn’t have my glasses on at Fair Day, so the coin looked like a shiny penny when I did a quick check before we left. When we saw that it was a Gold Sovereign at home and then a second such coin had been donated, we were gobsmacked.

“We understand and respect that the donors wish to remain anonymous. However, we want them to know that their gift is not only generous, but it has raised our spirits.

“This act will never be forgotten – it meant more than money.”

The £500 will go towards its Chloe’s Den appeal. Out of Sight is looking to raise about £40,000 to buy the special wheelchair-accessible caravan with a wet room at Amble Links. It will be a respite facility for the families it supports.

During Morpeth Fair Day, Alan and Kath’s foster daughter Leonie got to meet some of the FA Vase-winning Morpeth Town FC squad.