Doubts raised over pothole repair claim

Council claims of clearing a pothole backlog have been rubbished.

Northumberland County Council says it has filled 12,213 potholes since January, and more than 32,000 since May 2013, as well as 30,000 under normal road repairs. About 30 sites where there is serious damage will be repaired in a capital programme.

Policy Board Member for Streetcare Ian Swithenbank said: “Our workforce has worked very hard in order to clear this backlog of potholes. We will continue to do all we can to make the roads as safe as possible for drivers in our county.”

But Conservative Group Leader Peter Jackson said: “I think they are making false claims in pretending that the pothole problem has gone away. The evidence is there for all to see. If they ever got out of County Hall they would see the roads within a mile or two of Morpeth are riddled with potholes. The problem needs to be dealt with in a long-term fashion, rather than a short-term fix.”

The council says the work will give three years to plan permanent repairs.