Duo launch dedicated app for old pictures

Clixta founders Dean Newsome, left, and Shaun Cutler. Picture by Jane Coltman.
Clixta founders Dean Newsome, left, and Shaun Cutler. Picture by Jane Coltman.

An innovative application by two Morpeth residents is encouraging people to feel confident in sharing their treasured old photographs.

The founders of the free Clixta app have developed what they believe is an image-sharing social network that provides a simple and fun way to share pre-digital pictures and save them for future generations.

They are working with foundation the Copyright Hub to ensure that each photograph has a digital identifier.

It came about from a conversation between Dean Newsome and Shaun Cutler, who both moved to Morpeth in the last decade, a couple of years ago when they watching their boys play football at Abbeyfields First School.

Those with an iPhone, iPad or Android device can use Clixta and for each photograph, they can choose to keep it completely private, share it only with family and friends, or share it with the Clixta community by making it ‘public’.

As well as scanning images in the traditional way, users can simply photograph them via the Clixta app using the Photo of a Photo (PoP) technique that allows them to quickly snap and upload the pre-digital picture.

Shaun said: “The app is dedicated to old photographs and what we’ve found from the images that have been made public within Clixta so far is that many are snapshots of family events or daily life.

“Somewhat by accident, Clixta is building up a social history archive.

“When we were developing the idea, we were very keen to start local so we had discussions with historical organisations in the Morpeth area.

“We’re very excited by the prospect of giving them the tools needed to make the most of their archives, which will include some real hidden treasures.

“We stand by the principle ‘what’s your’s is your’s – we very much see ourselves as being in partnership with our users. This means they will also have the opportunity to make some money if people are interested in buying some of their photos.”

After inputting the initial photograph details, including a title and where and when it was taken, users can go into the image in their profile and add a story and more tags. Users’ followers can also add information.

Dean said: “We’ve had great feedback from everyone we’ve spoken to, ranging from individuals and societies to institutions and businesses.

“It is popular among UK expats and we’ve also found that people in other countries have been posting old pictures of their own communities once they heard about Clixta.

“Another useful aspect is that when someone dies, relatives can pool their photos of that person together into a secure folder.

“We were surprised by the high quality of the PoP uploaded images, in some cases they were even better than photos that were scanned.”

Clixta was launched in May and further services such as photo albums and calendar gifts are being developed. The duo plan to introduce them once it reaches a certain number of users.

For more information and to download the app, visit www.clixta.com on your smartphone.