East Chevington Parish Council round-up

Brought to you by the Morpeth Herald.
Brought to you by the Morpeth Herald.

There has been an increased use of the drug known as spice in Hadston, it has been claimed.

Coun Rev Sue Reilly made the comments at last week’s meeting.

PC Paul Dent.

PC Paul Dent.

Spice is a synthetic form of cannabis and PC Paul Dent said he shared Coun Reilly’s concerns.

He also told members that police had been receiving reports about some local teenagers who had been gathering at Hadston Industrial Estate.

PC Dent said: “We had information that they were smoking cannabis, so we visited the area almost every afternoon and it seems that we have moved them on.”

PC Dent also told members that a local farm had been targeted twice in a matter of days by thieves who stole a substantial quantity of fuel.

He said: “We found 13 drums which had traces of red diesel at Hadston Industrial Estate and we are having them forensically examined.

“This area hasn’t been targeted for fuel to that level for quite a long time.”

He added that there has been a spate of break-ins to cars at Druridge Bay Country Park.

He said the incidents happened after motorists left valuables in their vehicles.

• Coun Fred Thurgood complained about on-going issues at the newly-opened Druridge Bay Fitness Centre in Hadston.

He said: “There is never any hand towels in the toilet/wash-basin area and recently, one of the toilets was blocked to the top.”

Coun Scott Dickinson said he would look into the matter and try to get it sorted.

He said that some of the issues could be arising due to a higher-than-expected take-up of users, after 100 people signed up within the first two days of its opening last month.

• The parish council is to look at making the concrete bus shelter along the B1330 more accessible for disabled people.

Coun Dickinson said: “We need to do something and we need to sort it quickly. We need to provide access for disabled people.”

• Citizens Advice is no longer able to deliver a face-to-face service from Hadston’s Druridge Bay Community Centre, due to lack of cash.

Council clerk Rose Hudspith said that a face-to-face service is available in Amble and Morpeth and there will be visits on rare occasions.