Awards for design and textiles work

It was a successful day for a group of Morpeth high school students on the regional stage.

The Young Engineer, Design and Technology Competition at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle was based around young people’s examination and portfolio work.

The GCSE submissions of Sarah Larby (textiles technology) and Ben Wade (graphic products) and the AS-level product design work of Sarah Thompson, Hannah Lightley, Fiona Matthewson and Robbie Allen were exhibited.

As a result, King Edward VI School received the overall first prize for the greatest number of points awarded for the standards and quality achieved at both GCSE and AS-level.

Sarah and Ben were first and second in the GCSE category respectively.

The panel of judges representing a diversity of engineering and design disciplines commented upon the exceptional quality of work on display and enthusiasm of the students they interviewed.

Both the manufacturing techniques employed and the sophisticated level of design thinking was acknowledged, not only by the judges but also visitors to the museum.

Head of design and technology at KEVI, Neil McCall, said: ‘This was a fantastic result and an extremely valuable opportunity for students to showcase their work.

“It is especially pleasing to be able to demonstrate such an extensive range of projects attempted by our students. They have shown real commitment and an excellent approach to problem solving.”

The competition is organised by Hexham Rotary Club and supported by the Friends of the Discovery Museum and the University of Northumbria.