Celebration time for high-achieving pupils

Ponteland High School ,from left, Kathryn Dunn, Sophie Reay, Adam Short and Lucy McKenna.
Ponteland High School ,from left, Kathryn Dunn, Sophie Reay, Adam Short and Lucy McKenna.

Star students at Ponteland High were ecstatic after finding out their excellent exam results.

Eighteen of the 16-year-olds who took their GCSEs this summer received all A*s or As.

And three pupils – Andrew MacGowan, Lucy McKenna and Matthew Quigley – got the top grade in all their subjects.

Andrew’s A*s came in biology, chemistry, English language, English literature, French, geography, history, maths, physics and Spanish. He will do AS-levels in chemistry, English literature, maths and physics at the high school

He said: “I was surprised that I had done so well, especially with the A* in history.

“During study leave, I made sure that I did a good amount of revision in the mornings and afternoons so I could relax my mind in the evenings.”

Lucy couldn’t believe what she had achieved, saying: “At first, I was just relieved that the waiting was over when I opened the envelope, but then I was amazed when I looked at the results.

“I didn’t think they were mine. I’m really, really happy.”

She will study French, maths, physics and Spanish at AS-level.

Adam Short gained seven A*s, two As and a distinction* in business studies. His AS-level subjects will be biology, chemistry, maths and Spanish.

“The results had been on my mind over the past few days, so it was good to open the envelope, and it got even better because I wasn’t expecting to do this well,” he said.

“I was pleasantly surprised with the A* in physics. I’m glad that all the effort I put into my revision has paid off.”

He thanked all his teachers for their support, particularly maths teacher Miss (Louise) Greig.

Adam’s proud mother, Dawn, added: “I’m absolutely over the moon with how he did. He worked really hard and definitely deserved those grades.”

Sophie Reay received five A* grades, four As and a distinction* in business studies. On results day, she was still considering her AS-level options.

She said: “I’m delighted that I’ve done so well. I was shocked at some of my grades, especially the A in geography as I found it a tough subject.

“I’m looking forward to having a proper meet up with my friends from school over the next few days to celebrate our success.”

A significant number of others achieved mainly A* and A grades, including Kathryn Dunn who will do AS-levels in art, biology, English literature and history after getting five A*s, four As and two Bs.

She said: “I’m thrilled with these results and I was really pleased with the A* in English literature and A in English language.

“But I’m most happy with the B in French because it was a bit of a struggle. I’ve just seen my French teacher and she was buzzing when I told her my grade.

“I’m most looking forward to studying history for my A-levels as I’m really interested in the subject.”

Kathryn, along with other 16 and 17-year-olds from across the region, is in the final week of her National Citizen Service course at Hebburn in South Tyneside, and she was excited about finding out how her friends on the course had done in their GCSEs.