Christmas hampers bring joy to city kids

Students at Ponteland High School have provided some festive cheer to groups of children in need.

Around 50 Christmas hampers were donated to Beryl Ashworth, a social worker in Newcastle. Five return car journeys were needed to transport them to the distribution centre.

Each tutor group put together a parcel – contents included food, sweets, toys and small gifts. 

There was serious competition between some tutor groups to make their hamper as attractive and ‘Christmassy’ as possible. Notable contributions were two in the shape of a sleigh, one like a partially opened parcel and one that had twinkling lights.

The hampers were delivered to families and other good causes identified by Beryl and her team and one of the recipients got in touch to say that the hampers will bring joy to some of the most vulnerable and needy children in the city.