Cub reporters in the headlines

BUDDING journalists will be making their own international headlines for a new publication.

Students from Years 11, 12 and 13 at Ponteland High School are writing and collating articles and photographs to go into a brochure promoting its overseas outlook.

The school is a specialist language college, which gives pupils many opportunities to learn about the languages and cultures of other countries. Activities include trips abroad and exchange visits.

Those taking part in the brochure project will be using the professional facilities at Sunderland University’s Journalism and PR department to design the inaugural issue of the new publication, which is aimed mainly at parents.

They will take on a range of roles to mimic the management structure of a professional magazine, starting the day with a news conference.

Associate Headteacher Anita Brown said: “The aim is to create an attractive, informative, glossy publication about what makes us a language college and what better way can there be to do it than to show the students’ own perspective?”