Everyone’s a winner

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A BUMPER crop of GCSE results has been harvested at Morpeth’s King Edward VI School, with every pupil who took the exams picking up at least one pass.

The school has also excelled in every measured section of the results and of the 322 students taking the exams, a whopping 89 per cent achieved at least five A* to C grades — the school’s best result to date.

Seventy per cent attained five A* to C grades when English and maths are included, which is on a par with results from recent years.

And while nationally 70 per cent of all grades were A* to C, at KEVI the figure was 82 per cent.

The school also impresses at the highest levels, with 31 per cent of its grades marked A* or A, compared with the national figure of 23 per cent.

There were 29 KEVI students who achieved all A* or A grades in their exams.

Headteacher Simon Taylor said: “We are very happy with the results.

“I’m delighted that 100 per cent of youngsters got a GCSE so everybody got something and nobody leaves us without a pass.

“It has been another great day after the A-Level results.”

Many of the students will now move on to the school’s sixth form to study A-Levels.

“The vast majority of the students are coming back, but we do have some youngsters who will go on to college or apprenticeships,” said Mr Taylor.

“There are lots of happy faces and success stories and I’m delighted at how well they have all done.

“It is due to the whole involvement of the students, the staff and the parents, who really support our young people.

“It has been a really good year group and they have worked their socks off.”

One of those who will return to the school in a few weeks to start sixth form is Lahra Trafford, who was delighted with her haul of six A*s, three As and a B.

“I’m quite happy with that, I would say,” she said.

“Other people were quite nervous about getting the results, but I was fine really. I thought the exams went well at the time so I hoped to get those results.

“I want to be a vet so I’ll be going on to sixth form and then hopefully to university.”

However, Lois Gilmartin, who was pleasantly surprised to achieve a total of 10 B and C grades, will be moving on to continue her studies at Newcastle College.

“I’m really pleased with my results. They were better than I was expecting — I think it’s down to the hard work I put in,” she said.

“I thought it was really exciting getting them. Everyone was nervous, but I just wanted to see what I had got. There was nothing you could do about it whatever they were so it was better just to get them and open them.

“I told my family and they were really pleased. I’m looking forward to getting some money now as a reward.”