Everyone’s out in force for school clean-up

IT’S never too late for a community spring clean as residents of Stannington found out.

Parents, pupils and teachers turned out in force to take part in a Saturday morning clean-up at Stannington First School.

Duties included painting the fence and gates, removing old play equipment, cleaning the parents’ rain shelter and generally tidying the grounds and facade.

Headteacher Helen Stokoe was delighted with their efforts.

She said: “Being such a small school we have a very small budget to take care of the grounds and rely on parental and staff support to ensure our site is presented in the best light.

“The students served drinks and biscuits to parents and staff of the school who were willing to give up their own time to help out.

“Stannington First School is opening a new pre-school, breakfast club and after school club in September and we hope that this tidy up will help with parental subscription to these new services.”