Exam success continues at Pont High

FURTHER records have been broken at Ponteland High School as more students than ever achieved top GCSE grades to follow last week’s best-ever A-level results.

A total of 71 percent of pupils achieved five or more A*-C grades including English and maths – up from 70 percent in 2011.

Three of them achieved all A* grades, with Caroline Garner and Jessica Keating scoring 11 out of a possible 11, and Andrew Bagnall getting the gold standard in all 10 of his exams.

Another 12 students received all A* or A grades: Greg Chambers, Felicity Clarke, John Garner, Olivia Herford, Jack Heslop, Rachael Hickey, Catherine Hunter, Elizabeth MacGowan, Meghan Phillips, Jessica Rea, Ashleigh Brown and Lewis Fraser.

Other high-flyers included Robyn Lillico, who got 10 A*/A out of a possible 12 and Bridget Stratford and Jonathan Ord, with 10 A*/A out of 11 subjects.

Jessica Barber, Anna Cassidy, Ruth Gillies, Maisie Ingram, Michael Mason, Emma Scott and Courtney West all achieved nine A*/A among their 10 and John Anderson, Kirstie Ions, Sam Kirsopp-Reed and Charlotte Twelves achieved eight A*/A out of a possible 10.

The proportion of students receiving at least five A*-C grades across all subjects looks set to have equalled last year’s 83 percent.

Stephen Prandle, who is retiring as Headteacher this summer, said: “All of our students deserve congratulations for their dedication and determination in making this a record year for our school.

“We have a fantastic staff at Ponteland High and these results show that we are continuing to make an excellent school even better.”

Eighty four percent of pupils managed to get a C or above in their maths GCSE, with 30 percent gaining either an A* or A, and 77 percent achieved C or above in English, with A*s or As given out to 20 percent of the exam takers.

And 27 percent of students received the necessary grades across the relevant subjects to reach the English Baccalaureate standard.

Associate Headteacher Anita Brown, who is also stepping down at the end of this month, added: “These figures are brilliant and our students, their parents and our teachers deserve the highest praise.

“It’s worth remembering that a school’s overall achievement is about more than the high-flyers, which is why we make sure all of our students get the support they need to be the best they can be, and I think our results across the board show how truly successful we have been.”